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Forgotten photos | 忘れられた写真

October 2, 2013
Mirror, mirror | 鏡よ、鏡, Canon EOS Kiss X4

Mirror, mirror | 鏡よ、鏡, Sept 2013, Canon EOS Kiss X4

At MadaTech, the Israel National Museum of Science in Haifa.
This mirror room and the Space exhibit were my favorites.
The museum cafe was a disappointment, but that was expected.


Birthday cupcakes | バースデーカップケーキ

Birthday cupcakes | バースデーカップケーキ, Sept 2013, Canon EOS Kiss X4

Birthday cupcakes I made for Yuval’s now 12-year old nephew.

When I was his age and lived in the U.S., classmates with birthdays
would often bring in homemade cupcakes to class.
(And what a highlight of the day that always was!)
(And now that I think about it, I wonder if there were kids whose parents weren’t able to make cupcakes, and if so, did they just keep their birthdays a secret? Such a thought breaks my heart a little, but I’m sure that wasn’t uncommon.)
They often had sprinkles on them, just like the ones above.
I’m not usually much of a sprinkles kind of person but for cupcakes,
I can’t think of a better decoration, by far.


* * * * *

These are among the few photos that were sitting in my Canon DSLR, forgotten, like a roll of old film. Fortunately, digital photos are retrievable even after some time, unlike the underwater disposable camera I bought during this trip to Eilat a few years ago. I still haven’t found a place that will process it… not even in Tokyo, where I used to have not one but a few stores to go!

Unfortunately, these photos were also the last ones before the camera lens decided to give out. I can no longer take photos with it. (Does anyone know of a good Canon customer service center in Israel?) Just when I was getting motivated to start carrying it around with me again, now with the weather being so much nicer and things appearing prettier. Go figure! I will use my smaller camera instead in the meantime.

Can you believe it’s already October, friends? Happy new month to you all.

でも数年前エイラットに行った時 に買った水中用の使い捨てカメラは、



Much love,

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  1. Sammi Moe permalink
    October 6, 2013 11:27 pm

    It is very Fall like here today. Cool, drizzly, and beautiful colorful trees! I have fond memories of you being here in the USA as a child. Do you remember the international picnic we had with the other students who were getting English tutoring? We had a 6 year old Italian boy, and a few Arabic kids, and YOU! If I remember correctly, I brought something American, like peanut butter and jelly, you brought my favorite – those salted rice cakes, and we had lots of interesting tidbits!
    Birthday cupcakes were always a nice treat. Danielle didn’t like cake and always asked for things like veggies and dip, or fruit. Weirdo! And yes, I am sure there were kids who didn’t celebrate their birthdays. Now days the schools will not allow home made treats. They must be store bought and labeled. Allergies and sanitation. Sigh, too bad. Although I am sure it is safer.
    Have a great week!
    Hugs and love,

    • October 8, 2013 6:03 pm

      I’ve always thought I had pretty good memories of my childhood, especially my Michigan days because they are such fond memories to me (and to our whole family, actually!). But I have zero recollection of that picnic! Too bad. I’m sure it was a fun day. I do remember our tutoring sessions, and besides the fact that I always really looked forward to them, I remember being fascinated by your manicured nails and the coffee you drank… 🙂 I also will never forget the day Danielle first came and played with me in the playground! Veggies and dip… yeah, totally weird kid! 😀

      Too bad about the ban on home made treats nowadays, but it totally makes sense. It won’t surprise me if it was banned all together, sadly. I feel lucky to have gone to school in an era of homemade goods, though! Now I’m remembering the bake sales… mmm… 🙂

      Thanks for bringing me back the memories Sammi, even if I didn’t remember some of them! I hope you’re having a splendid week

  2. Sammi Moe permalink
    October 18, 2013 1:15 am

    Do you remember the day that you and Dani were playing at your house and got totally covered in mud? It was really funny! I think your mom was embarrassed that you were both so dirty, but I thought you had a good time and it was just funny!
    I need a manicure at the moment. And I drink way too much coffee! Oh well.
    Keep baking and making new memories! Hugs all around!

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