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Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yuval’s version) | ホロコースト記念日、ユバル版

April 9, 2013

Yuval was driving through the West Bank on his route to Tel Aviv yesterday at the time of the the 10am siren. I’ve ridden on the route with him before, and it’s not a busy one. Sometimes many minutes can go by without passing a single car.

He told me that when the siren rang (on the radio only, as they were in the West Bank), there was another car that was just about to pass him on the opposite side of the road. There were three salesmen looking people inside, and they all stepped out of the car for the siren.

During the two minutes, a few more cars came by, perhaps those who didn’t have the radio on but upon seeing Yuval and the other car stopped, until there were about 6 to 7 cars in total. The cars that didn’t stop and kept on driving were the Arabs and the Orthodox Jews.

Did you pause for a minute there too? The Arabs I understand, but I was shocked to hear about the Orthodox. To put a very complicated issue short (“Don’t get me started,” said Yuval), the Orthodox do not observe Holocaust Remembrance Day because it is a day created by the state of Israel. The state of Israel is considered an abomination by the Orthodox. Since the state is man-made and not made by God, it is delaying the arrival of the Messiah and creating a true kingdom of God in the land of Israel. They apparently don’t observe the siren for the upcoming Memorial Day honoring soldiers lost in war, either.

They reject the idea of Israel yet still choose to live here and have no problems accepting all the benefits the state offers them, like tax cuts, subsidies for their children, scholarships for men studying in Yeshivas, exemption from the army, and so on.

Another example to show just how complicated Israel is.

On a different note, I would like to share a powerful video by my friend kaie that shows a more united observation of the siren (below the Japanese text):








Much love,

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  1. April 10, 2013 6:05 am

    “The state of Israel is considered an abomination by the Orthodox.” That sentence just seems so bizarre to me. So much hypocrisy. Why do they insist on living here and taking all the state money, if that is how they feel? Seriously. Leave. They are making this place hell to live in, in so many ways.

    Thanks for sharing the video. I was looking around youtube for others as well and noticed one from Jlem that was filmed and showed so many younger people filming with their camera phones. This kind of seemed to take something away from this special moment here in Israel, for me. I have always watched these videos and noticed the differences between the younger and older generations and how they act during this event. I know that I am walking to the same fine line, as I am filming it myself, but I hope that I do it in a fashion that still honors the moment and the event. (And to share this experience with those who can’t be here themselves, while also show it to those who otherwise are unaware of this memorial.) I hope that in the coming years you don’t start seeing people standing still, bending to film it all with their camera phones. It loses something when that is all you see.

    • April 10, 2013 7:32 pm

      I understand what you say about people with the camera phones. But that shows they acknowledge it’s special, whereas around here I wonder if people, specifically kids, will ever realize how special it is if they never travel outside the country? I can’t imagine them bringing out their cameras. It’s always a debate when capturing something on the lens I think, because without the person behind the camera we won’t be seeing all of the amazing imagery we see today and in history. There’s always a price to be paid, I suppose. I’m sincerely glad that you captured what you captured, though!

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