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Hangover Haze

April 1, 2013

Today was the second Passover holiday and it felt like Shabbat (Saturday). For the past nearly two weeks we have not left the kibbutz because tourists flock to this area during high holidays, causing heavy traffic on the roads. But all this staying put definitely has had a toll on us, and we decided to try going on a drive.

Yuval wanted to get some plants for the garden so we stopped by our favorite Arab restaurant on the way to the nursery. Some of the guys there recognize us by now since we go there about once a month. The waiters were really laid back today, a few often coming together to the table next to us and chatting. Maybe they were over staffed, or maybe it was because of the Jewish holiday, I don’t know. Our waiter stuck around a few times long after he brought or cleared something, talking with Yuval in a mixture of Arabic and Hebrew.

We only see these guys in their crisp white button down shirts and black pants, but I found myself wondering today what they look like in normal clothes, what kind of lives they lead outside of the restaurant. Our waiter asked Yuval whether today was a holiday and which one it was. In my life it’s impossible to miss when Passover is or what kind of holiday it is, but for our waiter’s community today is just another day and schools are in session and businesses are open. Within this small country, there are so many separate worlds.

As the title suggests the majority of today was spent in a hangover haze. We don’t drink nearly as we used to anymore, cutting down alcohol consumption to twice a week, but last night we went a little overboard at the BBQ over at Yuval’s brother’s. “Aperitif” drinks involving tequila followed by lots of red wine… a mix with obvious consequences.

Much love,

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