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The first real rain

October 8, 2012


The first “real rain” fell upon us today post summer.

Although it only lasted for a few minutes, the rain drops were the heavy substantial kind that made a firm rat-tat-tat sound, causing a few children playing outside to cry out with joy. I couldn’t help myself from rushing to the front door to see it with my own eyes and make sure I wasn’t imagining it. But the smell alone was proof — a mixture of wet dirt and something else — that many Israelis love and get all dreamy eyed talking about it. (I’m starting to get the appeal too.)

Today was also the first day post summer I wore full length jeans and didn’t feel hot. And while we sat outside at our favorite Arab restaurant and waited for our food, I actually felt slightly chilly. I know it’ll still be a while before we experience the kind of chill I read about in other parts of the world and sigh with envy at photos of people in jackets and sweaters, but we are getting there. Slowly. (Looking at the external thermometer in our car today Yuval blurted out, “Wow, the sun is still out and it’s below 30°C!”)

One of the great things about a true rainfall is that it often results in beautiful clouds. I wasn’t very successful in capturing them (it was an extra challenge trying to shoot from inside a moving car) but above are my few attempts. I have a bit of an obsession with clouds as seen in this post as well as this one from around the same time last year after experiencing the first few rains, and I even took some of the photos on the same exact road as I did today. Not too original, I am!

Much love,

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