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A long and hazy week

September 14, 2012

Dusty leaves 1 | ほこりまみれの葉っぱ1, RICOH CX5

Dusty leaves 2 | ほこりまみれの葉っぱ2, RICOH CX5

Have you ever seen a pigeon lie on the ground on its stomach with its wings slightly spread out? I witnessed this for the first time today, two pigeons lying on a bed of leaves basked in sunlight. They looked relaxed and had this serenity about them, and I passed by as quietly as I could not to disrupt their peace. I never thought I would say this about pigeons, but they looked really beautiful.

* * * * *

What a hazy, sluggish, long week it has been. Just when Yuval was starting to recover from his cold I got sick and ended up taking three days off, the most sick days I’ve taken in a row. That makes it sound like it was much worse than it really was, but all I had was a low but consistent fever that didn’t go down, not leaving me with much energy. Our mazgun (air conditioner) also decided to have its own meltdown around this time, making it feel like my fever took over our whole apartment. Even after the fever went away, I’ve had a hard time getting back to the normal pace of things for some reason.

With Rosh HaShana, the Jewish new year approaching this Sunday evening, the atmosphere is starting to feel festive. But not without hints of chaos and insanity that inevitably comes along with major holidays. Note to self: try avoid grocery shopping at least a week prior!!

I’m a bit surprised at how easy it was for me to let go of the daily blogging ritual once I decided to give up on it, but I hope to post more frequently going forward. I’ve missed this space and the interactions I have with you, my friends!

Have a wonderful weekend,


* * * * *





Much love,

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  1. September 17, 2012 10:16 pm

    Shana Tova Kaori! May you be blessed with joy, health and lots of exciting stories in your life (and get time to blog about it, at your own pace!) xx

    • September 18, 2012 8:33 am

      Shana Tova to you too blackbirde!! May you have a beautiful year filled with joy and adventure🙂

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