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21 August 2012

August 21, 2012

Waiting for the sun, part 2 | 日の出を待ちぼうけ、no.2

I’ve started walking in the morning before going to work. It’s only been two days so far, but I have surprised myself by actually waking up when my alarm clock goes off. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m only losing 30 extra minutes of sleep. Or perhaps it’s because I have finally started listening to my body that it needs to move. It needs more exercise. During the summer it’s too easy for me to use the heat as an excuse to not do anything, to not move.

But the mornings are starting to be pleasant. On some days the air actually feels cool against my skin as I bike to work. This may also be a motivating factor because these brief cool moments almost feels too good to be true, too precious to not make the most of it before the heat comes blasting with the sun.

* * *

The moon tonight was incredible. It was one of those moons that’s barely a sliver, and you can see the outline of the whole moon. She appeared to be really close when we walked out to the parking lot around 8:30, so big and clear and beautiful. By the time we stepped out of a restaurant nearly two hours later, she was gone, out of sight.

Before the moon stopped us in our tracks we were talking about what’s been in the news recently: Iran, Syria, a group of Jewish teenagers nearly beating a 17-year old Arab boy to death in Jerusalem. Just the act of being able to enjoy the sight of a beautiful moon feels precious right now.

* * *



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