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8 August 2012 (Bus stops etc)

August 8, 2012

With bus stops on my mind after writing a post about it yesterday, I found myself noticing them more than usual as we drove to Tiberias today.

One stop had a woman from a kibbutz trying to hitch a ride. (Side note: I can usually tell if someone is from a kibbutz now, and I can’t quite explain how. Although I can’t tell which kibbutz someone is from unless it’s a person I know. Now if there is somebody in Israel who can identify which kibbutz a person is from just by looking at them, that is one unique expert!)

Another stop housed a family that looked like they were in the area for vacation and were either on the way to or from the beach. (The ease of being able to tell out-of-towners is pretty universal, isn’t it?)

Then there was a stop that was filled with what looked like a youth group with a few girls wearing identical white and orange striped t-shirts and black skirts.

I concluded that bus stops alone are great outlets to observe and learn about Israeli society.

As we made our way around town making all our usual stops (the market, discount gas station, supermarket..) I found myself being a bit overwhelmed with the visual overload. I guess this is the positive aspect of being holed up in the kibbutz for most of the week. My senses are heightened and my attention is sharpened whenever I get out and visit a place out of my ordinary routine. Even if it’s Tiberias, the nearby town we come once a week or two.





と自分で勝手に納得して盛り上がってました。 笑


Much love,

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