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5 August 2012

August 5, 2012

While at work today Yuval’s nephew caught me sighing and teased me about it.

“What are you sighing about?” he asked.

I told him that in Japan we have a saying that “every time you sigh you let a piece of happiness escape”. (So I really shouldn’t sigh!)

But perhaps I didn’t do a good job of explaining myself clearly because the Nephew didn’t get it.

“What, so you don’t breathe just to keep your happiness trapped inside?”
“You are sighing to let your happiness out?” and so on…

This somehow inspired me to tell him of other sayings in Japan such as “every time you sneeze, someone is talking (gossiping) about you” or “there are 7 gods in each grain of rice”. Making things even more confusing, of course.

It made me wonder about all the unlimited sayings that must exist in every culture around the globe. How do they come to exist and how much (if any) truth is there behind it?





甥っ子に教えて結局余計頭をこんがらがせてしまったようでした 笑


Much love,

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