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30 July 2012

July 30, 2012

R.E.M’s “Everybody Hurts” was playing on the radio yesterday amongst other sad or low-key songs selected for the duration of Tisha B’Av. Both my boss and I sang along, and when the song ended she told me how it reminded her of one of her favorite movies.

When my face drew a blank (I couldn’t remember any movies that included this song in its soundtrack) she continued to tell me how the movie was about a alcoholic woman with two young children and a loving helpless husband and how it made her cry every five or so times she must have seen the movie.

The movie turned out to be “When a Man Loves a Woman”, which I have seen, but I can’t recall how “Everybody Hurts” was featured. It made me want to see the film again though.

R.E.Mの「Everybody Hurts」が昨日ラジオでかかりました。

「Everybody Hurts」が使われた映画を思い出せない私はぽかんとしていたら

みたことはあったけど、どうしても「Everybody Hurts」がどう使われたかが思い出せない。

Much love,

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