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23 July 2012 (The start of a rumor)

July 23, 2012

Today I felt like I witnessed how hot gossip gets lit before spreading like wildfire.

My boss gets a phone call during work and it turned out to be our co-worker who left just today for her family vacation. As the conversation proceeded my boss kept saying, “Ani lo maamina otach (I don’t believe you),” making me wonder if something went wrong on their road trip to the Dead Sea.

It turns out my co-worker just had to share with my boss the kibbutz gossip she heard from her niece during a coffee break mid way. (I’m actually surprised her niece was able to keep it to herself for that long!) Here my co-worker was, trying to get away from it all, and what does this gossip make her do? Call her family and friends back in the kibbutz, to share gossip about the kibbutz, not even an hour after being away from the kibbutz.

It was the kind of gossip that felt like something you take out of the oven and can barely touch it because it’s too hot. People will pass it around as fast as they can before it burns them.

My boss, after having shared the gossip with me, will no doubt tell her husband, her two teenage children, her mother, her brother, and sister. And then all of them will tell….

Hopefully for the people involved, the scandal will all be forgotten just as fast as it had spread.







Much love,

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  1. praisethelorne permalink
    July 23, 2012 9:26 pm

    I’m envious. You’re socializing with real Jews. I came out to a few people at my culinary school, expecting them to gossip and tell everyone else I’m gay, but NO! I meet the only Jews on the planet who won’t gossip. Now, I have to come out to everyone individually. There’s a limit to the amount of uncomfortable conversations one can have when making sure that Puff Pastry doesn’t burn.

    • July 24, 2012 3:34 pm

      Wow. Israelis that won’t gossip? That doesn’t sound… right. Especially in any kind of school, which seems like a haven for breeding gossip! Maybe your fellow students just need to get to know one another a little better before they get their gossip going on. Perhaps in a few months someone will remember and ask another, “Did he come out to you too?” and you’ll find yourself being the center of a delayed gossip?? Or maybe it’s just the puff pastry that takes their attention away from what you’re telling them 🙂
      Or maybe your fellow students are a civilized group and don’t consider your coming out something to gossip about!

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