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1 July 2012 (Arriving in Paris)

July 1, 2012

CDG Train Station
CDG Airport Train Station, Photo by giannisl via Flickr

Here are my few initial impressions of Paris within a few hours of arriving:

*We landed at 9pm local time and were greeted with bright skies!
I didn’t know it gets dark so much later here.

*As I got off the plane and walked towards the baggage claim,
I was greeted by a soldier every 25 or so meters.
They were all friendly and welcoming (and not so bad on the eyes, either. Sorry Yuval!).
I assumed this was the norm for every flight coming in to Paris,
only to be told by my friend the next day that
“Maybe it has to do with where your flight came from?”

*The ticket machines for the métro at CDG airport don’t accept bills.
And the only change machine was small, gray, and not easy to find.
Figuring all of this out and finally getting my ticket took me roughly 30 minutes, I think.

*There are hardly any escalators or elevators in Paris métro stations
(or at least the ones I used today).

*But the people on the métro are generally kind and will help you with your luggage
or make room for you inside the train!

*The doors on some of the Paris métro trains don’t open on their own.
(You have to flip a handle on the door.)

The real adventures start tomorrow.



皆フレンドリーで笑顔で挨拶をしてくれました(しかもかっこよかった 笑)。






Much love,

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