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7 June 2012 (Yes yes yes)

June 7, 2012

My co-worker suddenly came up to me today and said, “Let me show you something.”

She told me to pinch my forefinger and thumb together as tight as I can.

“Then continue to say, yes yes yes yes! Don’t stop!” she commanded. When she saw that I was indeed pinching together my fingers and saying yes over and over again, she tried to pry open my fingers. She failed.

“Now,” she continued, “Do the same thing, but say no no no no no!”

I obeyed, and when she tried to pry open my fingers again, she succeeded this time.

“See!” she said, looking satisfied. “Same result for every person!”

“It’s all in the head,” I replied, instantly understanding where this was going.

“If you say YES to something, you can do it! But if you say NO from the beginning, that’s what you’ll get,” she said.

I found this a bit surprising coming from my co-worker who my boss, her brother, and I sometimes joke (with love) about how she is the queen of pessimism and complaints.

But YES indeed is the right attitude. I know this, but it’s not so easy always being YES.












Much love,

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