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29 May 2012 (תירס חם, or Warm Corn)

May 29, 2012

I was given some fresh picked corn at work to take home today, and while we were on the subject my boss told me about a famous Israeli children’s book called “תירס חם” (Teeras Hum=Warm Corn).

From what I understood, a man is giving out teeras hum to children and every time a child receives one a chant follows: Bim bum bum, teeras hum, teeras hum, bim bum bum.

I know what I’ll be chanting while I eat corn for dinner today!

תירס חם」(ティラス ハム=温かいとうもろこし)のことを教えてくれました。

「ビム、バム、バム、ティラス ハム、ティラス ハム、ビム、バム、バム」


Much love,

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