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21 May 2012 (Tears and a Doctor)

May 21, 2012

Two very different reactions to my tears at the doctor’s office:

“Why are you crying?!” gruffly said the Arab doctor checking my symptoms.

“Ooh, somebody’s crying,” sweetly crooned the nurse, as if talking to a baby.

(My tears were from a combination of pain and relief. I tend to cry easily in doctor’s offices, because on the rare occasion that I am there I’ve usually waited too long and am in pain.)

The doctor was obviously tired and couldn’t wait to get out of there (it was 10 minutes before closing time). He did, however, send a very rough “Feel better,” my way as he walked out of his office and I was still waiting to get a shot.

The reason I went to the doctor is no source of worry, nothing that a pain killer and some antibiotics can’t fix (although I hate taking antibiotics and pills in general!), and many hours in bed.

*This post written after the worst has come and gone… I am all good now!








Much love,


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