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18 May 2012 (Drum solo)

May 18, 2012

What I really wanted to post here today was the exact song that was playing on the radio at work this morning, a song that included an amazing drum solo you couldn’t resist turning up the volume and letting the sound bounce off the walls all around you.

It was playing on 88FM, which I’ve written about here before. They play really good music on Friday mornings, often music from parts of the world I am not too familiar with.

Going down the song list of the show from 8 to 10am, I was unable to find most of the songs online (although other songs by the artists were available). But what it did do was send me down a little internet journey on music from Algeria to Turkey, Greece, and Croatia.

Here’s a song I found by one of the artists on the list, Israeli Yinon Muallem, with a drum solo that reminds me a bit of the one that stopped everyone at work today.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends,




今日紹介するのはリストの中のアーティストの一人、イスラエル人のYinon Muallemの曲。


Much love,

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  1. May 19, 2012 7:51 pm

    Hi Kaori,
    It’s 3:40something am here… waiting for my photos to export so I can review them. I can read your new entry here while I wait 🙂 I get an email from wordpress every time you post. Good timing with this one!

    The music you shared here reminds me of a Turkish band that played at a wedding we shot. They were so cool. It was a really big wedding, and all the guests danced and danced… and danced.

    Hey what was your involvement in video production?? Did you edit or shoot or..? Do you make videos any more?? I have so many videos to finish… but bed first! Good night/morning 🙂

    • May 19, 2012 8:11 pm

      Hi Kaiwin,

      Wow you are up late!! I hope you’re getting enough sleep?
      Ah, I would love, love to witness a Turkish band in action! I can imagine all the dancing… how can you not?

      I was mainly a producer and coordinator in video production, although I really do wish I got more in to the technical stuff. But I got to work on really cool projects, be in situations and places I would never be in otherwise, met interesting people… I realize more how really interesting it all was now that I’m not doing it any more, of course! So I don’t make any videos… but maybe I’ll try with my Canon Kiss (ha! that name).

      Good night! (It’s a little past 9pm here)

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