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30 March 2012 (Passover Gifts)

March 30, 2012

Passover Gifts | ペサハお祝いの贈り物

Pictured above are gifts Yuval and I received from work for Passover this year. Yuval got two bottles of wine and I received a cash card for a supermarket chain for NIS 150 (about US$40).

This was totally unexpected for me (along with the gift certificates I received for Rosh Hashanah last September), but companies giving employees gifts for Passover is apparently a common practice in Israel.

According to this article in HAARETZ, three-quarters of working Israelis expect to get something for the holiday. This year’s company spending on Passover gifts went up about 10% from last year despite signs of economic slowdown, and the most expensive gifts of 2012 went to employees at Dead Sea Works, a unit of Israel Chemicals, in the form of a check for NIS 1,780 (US$480) and an iPad 2. Other gifts mentioned in the article ranged from NIS 70 ~ 1,400 per employee, while high-tech executives can receive up to NIS 5,000.

In Japan, the most common “gifts” from company to employee are in the form of bonuses, commonly calculated in to the yearly income agreed upon in the contract. The Passover gifts in Israel are something entirely extra. The bigger the company the bigger the dent these holiday gifts will make in a yearly budget. I can’t quite get my head around the motivation behind it. Is it because of the significance of the holiday? Is it a tradition that developed nationwide as a way to motivate employees and has become the norm today? I don’t know, but I certainly am not complaining about the gifts 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend my friends,



2012年の最も高額のギフトはDEAD SEA WORKS社というIsrael Chemicalsの子会社で、
社員一人につき1,780シェケル(約4万円)とiPad 2が贈られたそうです。

わからないけど、私はギフトはいつだって大歓迎 笑


Much love,

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  1. Yuval permalink
    April 2, 2012 7:17 pm

    The gifts are meant to show the workers that the company appreciate their efforts.
    they are given for certain holidays (mainly passover and the Jewish new year) as a tradition.
    Besides, gifts for the holidays are a lot cheaper then 2-3 months worth of salary…

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