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15 March 2012 (THAT SONG by Sia)

March 15, 2012

I kept on hearing this song by Australian artist Sia on the Israeli radio and recognized her voice every time but could never manage to confirm it or catch the song title. The first time I heard it may have been as far back as 4 years ago on Galgalatz, the Israeli Army radio station that Yuval used to listen online in Japan. Or it may have been on the radio after I moved here.

I’ve been a fan of Sia since her Zero 7 days, and hearing her voice over the Israeli radio waves was like hearing an old friend’s voice in an otherwise sea of Israeli artists’ voices that I didn’t recognize any at the time.

Hearing another song that sounded like Sia on the radio today finally made me search for this song. From what I found it doesn’t even seem to be among her top hits, but the Israeli radio sure played it like it was. I don’t hear it so often anymore but I don’t think it was so long ago that it received pretty frequent play, and I discovered today that the song was released back in 2008! The reason why it seemed to be so popular in Israel long after it was released remains a mystery, but I found the video quite charming and creative. If I’ve inspired to have a view, enjoy.

Much love,

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