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7 February 2012

February 7, 2012

某ドーナッツ店のセット。こうやって色んなタイプのドーナッツが試せるセット、とても「日本」のような気がする。それともイスラエルではこのような細かいセットが想像できないだけ? 笑
A mini donut set at a donut chain. This felt very Japanese to me for some reason. Or maybe it’s just that I can’t imagine there ever being such a small detailed set in Israel??



I overheard a person obviously having a business call on their phone today. It reminded me of when I used to have such calls working in Tokyo. It felt like such a far away reality, but when I think about my life in the kibbutz in Israel right now, it feels worlds away. My current reality of being able to blend in like I’ve always been here is a bit surreal as well. I feel like I’m in between numerous realities. A strange place.

I met up with a friend today whose Israeli husband is good friends with Yuval. The relationship I have with a person like her who also has a Israeli partner and have been to Israel many times is unique. I don’t have to explain about the separate realities I have in Israel and Japan. She understands the pros and cons of both. I would’ve never imagined a few years ago that I would make friends through such a connection!

Much love,

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