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7 January 2012 (Japanese Gathering)

January 7, 2012


BBQというとメインはお肉のはずだけど、私は肉以外のものにひたすら夢中でした 笑

We went to a New Year BBQ hosted by a Japanese woman living in Israel today.

Some of the homemade dishes on the table: spinach gomaae, pickled kabu, temakisushi, kenchinjiru, harusame salad, inari sushi, and for dessert, handmade mochi in zenzai and ohagi with kinako powder. I was completely overwhelmed and overjoyed with the familiar tastes of home. Typically in a BBQ the main would be the meat, but I was too busy with anything but.

日本を離れる時も、ほとんどの人にびっくりされました。(て言うか、皆引いていたのかな 笑)




The people I meet in my daily life as well as those I meet at Yuval’s gatherings are mostly shocked when they learn I came here all the way from Japan. It seems just too much of a foreign concept to them for a person to come from such a far away place with no guarantee of success. Most of my family and friends in Japan were also shocked when I told them my decision to come to Israel as well.

But when I go to a gathering like today’s, I meet people who came to Israel nearly 20 years ago when there were hardly any Japanese, or those who came to Israel very shortly after they met their Israeli partner. Their situations make me feel like I have it pretty easy.

Some of the other things we talked about included how we are inspired to try cooking things we never imagined cooking back home (because it was so easily accessible), or how some of our skin and scalp really felt the effect of the harsh quality of the water in Israel as well as the extreme dryness. I was always wondering if I was alone in the skin thing, so it was nice to know others experienced it as well. Strangely though, I am not having nearly as many problems in my second winter this year. It may be because of the Japanese skin products I brought back with me and am using, or maybe my body is adapting.

The next time I’m having a bad day and get the urge to pack up and go back to Japan, I’ll think about the women I met today. Maybe it’ll make me put down my bags.

Much love,

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