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158 (Past few weekends 2 | 最近の週末・続)

December 6, 2011

I’ve been seeing all kinds of Christmas cheer on the Internet lately, but where I live, it’s pretty rare to see any signs of it. Not only do we live in a Jewish state, we also live in a predominantly Jewish kibbutz. I’m not saying there aren’t any families that celebrate Christmas in the kibbutz, but they’re rare.


So whenever I come across anything hinting Christmas, it’s like witnessing a minor celebrity.

“Is that… can that be the scene of… the birth of Jesus?!” I exclaimed when the scene from above came in to view. (Please do excuse the quality of the photo… I was, you know… flustered) And even a reindeer!

This was at an entrance to a Arab Christian village, where little Christmas trees lined the road and a large neon tree stood opposite of the Jesus scene, begging to be lit.


おまけにトナカイさんまで!サインください〜 笑


But only a few kilometers of driving and we were back in no Christmas land, where we stopped by a Druze olive oil factory. And no one really knows what kind of holidays the Druze people celebrate but the Druze people themselves.


A breathtaking view like this may as well be a religion in itself, no?


Much love,

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