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October 29, 2011

The little path leading to our apartment was filled with fallen leaves, so I decided to gather them up a few days ago. (Along with my assistant who was very keen on jumping in to the pile.) Once the leaves were gathered, it looked so… autumn, don’t you think? But when I looked up to the tree where the leaves came from…


So not autumn at all! I’ve been noticing this everywhere around the kibbutz now, where the leaves on the ground are very autumn-like but the trees of origin are green as ever. I should note that while I may have been raking leaves, I was still wearing my flip flops. Not so autumn myself, either.

全然秋っぽくない 笑

Mango from this past August | 今年8月に食べたマンゴー

But it is still definitely getting colder around here, even if it’s nowhere near autumn compared to where you may be, dear readers. I ate a mango today that had been sitting in our fridge for about two weeks. It wasn’t ready when we bought it so we let it sit for a while, but as the days grew colder, the mango kept getting neglected until today. (And it wasn’t even hotter than usual today, I just couldn’t find anything else I wanted to snack on.) I wasn’t even sure if the mango was edible anymore, but a ripe, beautiful mango showed its face underneath the skin. One bite and my mouth filled with the taste of summer, but it didn’t taste nearly as good now as it did then. The fruit cooled down my body so much that it made me go dig up a sweatshirt from the closet. The seasons are changing.

I hope you’re enjoying the seasons change wherever you are, my friends.



Much love,

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