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July 31, 2011
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I am interrupting normal programming around here with a bit of kitty silliness.

This is what happened when we had a 16-year old boy and two stuffed panda bears (don’t ask) in our apartment the other day. Oh, and an innocent cat who just happened to be there.

(We invited Yuval’s 16-year old nephew over for a night of dinner and Rummy to get him off his couch for a while. He broke a small bone in his foot while practicing judo with Yuval.)

(I love the pissed off look of my dear cat in the photo above.)


これは16歳の男の子1人とパンダのぬいぐるみが二つ(理由は聞かないでください、長くなるので 笑)我が家に現れた時に起きた事件。



I’m usually not a fan of the flash, but it had to be used for these, otherwise the photos were a big blur — but I like how it gives the photos a kind of scandalous (!) feel to them.


Caught in the act!

(That’s him actually falling asleep there… not scandalous at all.)

**Note: No animals, alive or stuffed, were harmed in this incident.

I promise we’ll be back to the (somewhat boring compared to this?) normal programming here from tomorrow.

I hope your week has started off with fun laughs, my friends.



Much love,

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