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127 (Familiar face | 見たことのある顔)

July 14, 2011

It was not a face I expected to see on the cellphone screen of a 24-year old Israeli girl living in a kibbutz in northern Israel, that’s for sure.

The face of popular Japanese musician / actor / etc Gackt‘s face, to be exact.

It was a few nights ago when Yuval and I were too hot and exhausted to cook and went to the kibbutz pub for dinner. About midway, two friendly girls sat down next to us at the bar. Yuval recognized and greeted them, then introduced them to me. He told me that the girl that sat next to me was “the one that is crazy about Japan”. (And the one next to her was her sister.) I recalled him telling me about this girl a long time ago, but I had never met her.

As soon as we started talking, she said she has a favorite Japanese artist and that she is going to London next week to see him perform. Pulling out her cellphone she scrolled through images excitedly then showed the screen to me. “Do you know him?” She asked. Seeing Gackt’s face, I replied, “Of course!” Then I don’t know if it’s simply because I have no idea what his music sounds like, or because it’s the thing about him that’s made the biggest impression on me, but I added, “He’s actually supposed to be really funny!” (Really, he is! Just ask my brother!)

We talked a little bit more about other musicians she likes (I don’t think I commented about how funny any of them were), and she also told me she is a professional hair/makeup artist. I told her if she ever needed someone to practice on, I would be happy to volunteer. I also told her she is free to come take a look at my Japanese books and magazines any time… although I don’t have anything with Gackt in it!

The next morning when I remembered the interaction, I thought how pretty incredible it is, that a girl living in a remote area of Israel loves this Japanese musician so much that she is willing to travel to London to see him perform. (She wants to go to Japan the most of course, but it’s too expensive for her.) I know the whole illegal downloading issue is a controversial and divided one, especially in the music industry, but for cases like this how can you not embrace it even just a little? Without it, this girl would have never learned of Gackt, and because of it, she may not have spent any money on his music but she did for a ticket to his concert, and I’m sure she will buy as many Gackt goods at the venue.

Maybe Gackt will come to Israel one day. Now that will be surreal.




話始めるとすぐに彼女は大好きなミュージシャンがいて、来週彼のライブをみにロンドンへ行くことを教えてくれました。携帯を取り出していかにも嬉しそうに画像を探し出して、スクリーンをみせてくれました。「彼のこと、知ってる?」画面にはGacktさんが。「もちろん、知ってるよ!」と答えた後、彼の音楽を全くと言っていいほど知らないからか、私の中の彼の印象として一番強いことだからかわかりませんが、次に出て来た言葉は、「彼って、実はすごいおもしろいらしいよ!」でした。苦笑 (だって兄が昔そう教えてくれたんだもん)




Much love,

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  1. Ryuji Kanie permalink
    July 15, 2011 7:57 am



    • July 15, 2011 5:52 pm


      PR担当にもよるのですかね?(関連業界人間だったのでついついこのようなことを考えています 笑)

  2. anat permalink
    July 20, 2011 11:32 pm

    Hi Kaori,

    Ryuji has mentioned this post about gackt
    actually i’m going to london to see him as well next week
    can I ask for the girl’s name and contact inforrmation (email or facebook)
    i’m traveling alone and it will be nice to meet other israeli fan to talk to.


    • July 21, 2011 5:07 pm

      Hi Anat,

      Sure, I’ll be happy to give you her contact info.
      I will email you!


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