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June 21, 2011



(ちなみに私ポッドキャスト大好き人間なのです。アメリカの人気番組「This American Life」を5年以上前に聴き始めてから、どんどんラジオの世界にはまっていきました。イスラエルに来てからは、日本のポッドキャストも聴くようになりました。)




Fukushima is in an extremely difficult situation right now with the nuclear reactors… the situation is very complicated and can’t be solved just by resisting or being anti-nukes…The feelings of the residents of Fukushima won’t be resolved just by saying we no longer need nukes. We wonder, what is going to happen to the future of Fukushima? (translated from Japanese)

The speech by Haruki Murakami I posted here the other day is still fresh in my mind, but I heard a radio interview that made me think from a different viewpoint.

(By the way, I must tell you I absolutely love podcasts. Ever since I started listening to the popular show This American Life over 5 years ago, I’ve gotten more and more in to the world of radio. Since coming to Israel, I’ve also started to listening to podcasts from Japan.)

The show ラジオの街で逢いましょう (Radio no machi de aimasho) produced by ラジオデイズ (Radio Days) is always thought provoking and has interesting guests. I recently listened to the June 12th show that had Morley Robertson as host, Miyako Hamana as assistant, and Michiro Endo as the guest. I didn’t know Michiro Endo until hearing this podcast, but learned he was a significant cultural figure in the 80’s as the founder and vocalist of punk rock band, The Stalin.

Michiro Endo is from Fukushima prefecture. The quote above is his words during the interview. He will be hosting a charity festival in Fukushima on August 15th titled FUKUSHIMA to “come together with people from Fukushima and people living in Fukushima to convey the feelings of Fukushima, from Fukushima.”

Also from this interview I shockingly learned that uranium extracted from the holy site of the Hopi people in Arizona were used to create the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Victims of the two bombs are not only the Japanese but the 2~3,000 Hopi people and also the Navajo people that were forced in to labor and died from the radiation.

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