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June 20, 2011

BBQ lunch with friends | 友達とバーベキューランチ

A few of Yuval’s friends from Jerusalem visited us this past weekend.

While sitting out on the porch on Saturday morning, one of them said, “I just realized this is the first Saturday in a long time I don’t hear prayers from mosques. And yesterday was the first Friday night in a while that I didn’t hear rifle shots from Arab weddings.”

Later on in the day when a couple joined us, I asked them if this was the case for them too since they also live in Jerusalem.

“Rifle shots? Arabs shoot rifles during their weddings?” They asked. Obviously it’s not the case for them. The other friend lives next to Arab villages and the couple lives in a Jewish neighborhood. They live only a 15~30 minute drive (depending on traffic) from each other.

The husband of the couple used to work for an organization dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I asked whether the organization leaned towards a certain side or was neutral. They were neutral, he answered. “You know, if we are even slightly against the Palestinians we are immediately labeled as right wing!” He said. It made me wonder though… is there such a thing as a “neutral” position in this conflict? It seems like a hard position to define.

While taking a walk through our kibbutz we came across the bet kinesset (synagogue). Yuval’s friend said, “Wow, a synagogue inside a kibbutz? I thought kibbutz people didn’t believe in god!”

Even one-liners and the shortest of conversations can be an eye opener in this country.







Much love,

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