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June 7, 2011

A few photos taken at a photo exhibit in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

(Although shhhhh! I have to be discreet about it because I wasn’t allowed to take photos there. I’m still looking behind my shoulder for the Russian guard that yelled at me to stop then never took her eyes off of me until I left the exhibit!)

I think I enjoyed the relationship between the exhibited photos and the space more than the photos themselves (although there were some very impressive ones). That’s why I wanted to capture it on my camera so badly. I wonder how the space will look with another medium.

(By the way, they were showing the Japanese film “Norwegian Wood” at the museum. It felt a bit surreal to see the poster displayed in Israel!)




Temperatures have been rising rapidly lately. The oven otherwise known as Israel is certainly not in “preheat” mode any more. When we had a free morning in Tel Aviv recently, we could only come up with indoor options. It felt too hot to attempt a “nice stroll” around the city. And is it my imagination or does the sun feel much more brighter and intense in the city compared to in the kibbutz? Perhaps it’s all the concrete it bounces off of. I felt nearly blinded by the light in Tel Aviv while I’m perfectly fine without sunglasses at the kibbutz. Although temperatures definitely feel higher here compared to Tel Aviv.

Whenever I’ve mentioned that “It’s so hot” in a conversation recently, the other person would inevitably ask, “Since when have you lived in Israel?” When I tell them it’s been a little over a year, they seem a little relieved. Relieved from the burden of telling me the truth. They don’t have to say it out loud for me to know what they’re thinking: Because this is nothing. Nothing compared to what’s coming.

Easily peaking to the mid to late 30’s (90’s F) in early June, I sadly know this is nothing yet indeed.




Much love,

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  1. miko permalink
    June 18, 2011 3:24 pm

    イスラエルでの2度目の夏。今回は準備万端で行けそう? お肌の乾燥には十分に気をつけてね。日本は入梅です。

    • June 19, 2011 8:46 am


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