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115 (FF: Food from Home | 実家・母国の食事)

May 27, 2011

Breakfast at home | 実家の朝ご飯

Food Friday: Food from Home | 実家・母国の食事

Once my recent trip back to Japan was booked, one of the things I started looking forward to aside from seeing my family and friends was, of course, the food.

If I wanted to eat everything on my wishlist I would have had to eat four meals a day or more. I really would have if I could, and some days it felt close to that. I surrendered to the fact that I will put on some extra weight. In fact, I decided to embrace every precious gram.


食べたい物を全部食べようと思ったら一日4食食べても足りないくらいだったでしょう。できるものなら食べれるだけ食べたかったし、明らかに食べ過ぎと感じた日も何日かありました。この一時帰国で体重が少し増えることはもう承知してたんです。承知と言うより毎グラム歓迎する感じで 笑。

Sashimi, shiso, myoga...heavenly | お刺身、しそ、ミョウガ、、、天国

Still, it was impossible to cover everything on my wishlist in two weeks, but I cherished everything I was able to eat. Truthfully I would have loved to linger on every bite, not wanting to eat anything without tasting it. But time did not allow this luxury as much I would have liked. And it didn’t help that I’m a very slow eater to begin with.

I savored everything, especially the things I can’t get or reproduce in Israel. The things I can’t take back with me. My mom’s cooking. Japanese white rice. Decent sushi and sashimi. Shiso. Myoga. Tsukudani. Takenoko (bamboo shoots). Natto. Yuzu kosho. Izakaya (Japanese pub) food and the beers and service that come along with it. Heck, even the non-Japanese cuisine tastes so good in Japan, probably because they are catered to Japanese taste buds – Thai, Italian, Vietnamese. And all the other wonderful things that have escaped my mind right now.



Another breakfast at home | 実家の朝ご飯

Just why does food at home taste so good? Being away from it must certainly enhance the goodness… and it also seems to be one of those things that increase more as I get older. But still, why is is so darn good? After a week has passed, my taste buds seem to finally be recovering after such a overload.


Much love,

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  1. sumi permalink
    May 30, 2011 4:36 pm


    • May 31, 2011 7:15 am

      「スシとテンプラと、、、あとカツオダシが好き♡」なんて言う外国人、そういないだろうからね 笑

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