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May 22, 2011

Near Narita Airport | 成田空港近辺

This is one of my favorite views on the bus ride to Narita Airport. It’s when the scenery becomes very lush and green and forests and rice fields and rivers take their turns appearing and disappearing past the window. It’s one of the scenes I’ve sometimes visualized when thinking about Japan. Whenever the bus reaches this area I know the airport is not too far. I try to take in as much of the precious fleeing beauty as I can and always can’t help wishing this part to last a bit longer, but before I know it the airport hotels and parking lots begin to appear.

Today is my third full day back in Israel. The journey back felt extra long (technically it was about a 24 hour journey door to door) and the fact that I was held at passport check at Ben Gurion didn’t help. I’ve been in a bit of a daze back here at the kibbutz, wanting to snap out of it but maybe a part of me is not ready yet. The temperatures that have risen significantly during my absence also isn’t helping, but it inspired me to drag Yuval to Daliyat El Carmel (where I first visited last June) to get some colorful curtains for some of the big windows, and is making me consider starting my days earlier to take advantage of as many cooler hours as possible. It’s a bit surreal to suddenly be circling parking lots for a spot with even a little bit of shade when most days in Japan were cloudy and long sleeve temperatures.

But at night it’s still cool and pleasant here. A gentle breeze is hitting my face as I type. As I slowly make my way out of my daze, I hope to share stories from Japan.

I hope you’ve been well friends.





Much love,

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