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100 (Earthquake | 大地震)

March 11, 2011

Update (March 13th):
One of Yuval’s friends sent him the USTREAM link that streams NHK news live:

If any of you Japanese speakers living abroad want to see.

I’ve pretty much been glued to the screen ever since.

A day like today is when I both wish I had a TV and at the same time am selfishly relieved that I don’t.

When tsunami warnings flashed the top of my computer screen as I was logging on to my Yahoo Japan email account this morning, I didn’t really understand the scale of the earthquakes. It hasn’t been unusual for tsunami or earthquake warnings to show up like this, as the alarm system covers even the smallest of earthquakes, which is fairly common in Japan.

But as I kept on checking the news, headlines started to say that this was the largest earthquake in Japan’s history. The footage from the coastal towns in northern Japan are truly horrific.

I was able to get in touch with my brother on the phone, who said he actually hadn’t been able to see any television yet. He said he was still out for a work meeting but will be able to reach home by car and other means, although trains still haven’t started working. He spoke to my mom earlier who was okay.

It was strange to have seen disaster footage all the way over here in Israel before those in Japan.

The few friends from Tokyo Yuval and I have been able to get in touch with all said this has been the largest earthquake they’ve ever experienced.

For those of you that are reading from Japan, I hope you are safe and okay!!
During times like this you feel extra far away.
Many friends of Yuval’s here in Israel have been calling him throughout the day to see how I am doing and how my family and friends are. We are all worried about you from over here!

(There will be no “Food Friday” post this week.)








(今週の「Food Friday(フード・フライデー」はお休みです。)

Much love,

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  1. shauna permalink
    March 12, 2011 9:07 pm

    Hi Kaori,
    It was good to read your post and know you have been in touch with your family. I can only imagine how you feel so far away. At least you are in Israel and safe!

    We are thinking of you and your family.


    • March 13, 2011 8:19 am

      I am so touched to hear from you.
      Thank you for thinking of us.
      I’m sure you know how it feels to be so far away.

      I hope all is well with you and your family!


      • Sammi Moe permalink
        March 13, 2011 6:57 pm

        Hello My Dear! I am glad to know that your family is OK. I know you are very worried, and I have thought about all of you too! Please know that we are thinking all the best thoughts and hope everyone stays safe and sound! I will keep checking in on the blog. Keep us posted as to how your family and friends are doing. All good thoughts and prayers going out there for all of you!
        With Love, Sammi and family

      • March 14, 2011 11:43 am

        Thank you so much Sammi!
        I really appreciate your well wishes.

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