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91 (Kibbutz Archive | キブツの資料館)

February 8, 2011

These photos are from the Archive of the kibbutz Yuval grew up in. When we were taking a walk a few weeks ago, we were beckoned inside by the woman in charge. It was an impressive collection of photos, documents, maps, books, and various items collected and preserved over 80 years.

Places like these really makes me appreciate the act of preserving and archiving. Precious history seeped through every piece of paper and each artifact seem to provoke memories and nostalgia. Yuval seemed to be washed over with memories and instantly taken back through time. (I on the other hand was able to see some pictures of him as a kid! 🙂 )

* * * * * * * * * *

Being in the Archive got me thinking about “things” and keeping them vs. letting them go. Over the last five years or so, I have definitely become more and more minimalist. I started questioning our materialistic culture for the first time maybe 10 years ago, but interestingly my consciousness towards “things”and the excess amount of it really strengthened after taking part in a zazen fasting program with Mr. Hozo Noguchi in Japan 3 years ago. It actually makes a lot of sense to me now that by becoming aware of what and how much I eat (and how little I really need) had also made me start seeing just how many material “things” I had and still continued to consume. (This is a topic worthy of its own separate post.) This fasting experience combined with moving numerous times in the last few years significantly slimmed down my possessions. Partially out of effort but mostly out of necessity.

Minimalism and my relationship with “things” is a topic I would like to explore further in upcoming posts, but my point for today is that the kibbutz Archive made me instantly want to go back to the “keeping” camp. It reminded me of the preciousness and importance of saving “things”. It made me grateful for those people that don’t throw things away without much thought, but recognize the potential in them. I obviously struggle back and forth between the keeping vs. letting go, but with everything, perhaps moderation is key?


この資料館のような場所を訪れるたび、保存・保管する行為を改めて感謝してしまいます。紙切れ一枚一枚から歴史があふれ、小物一つ一つが思い出やノスタルジアを招くよう。ユバルは一気にタイムマシンで昔へ戻ったようでした。(私は資料館にあった彼の子供時代の写真がみれたし 笑)

* * * * * * * * * *



Much love,

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