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86 (Back pain | 腰痛)

January 27, 2011
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From my 365 Day Hebrew Art Project:

From the 365 Day Hebrew Art Project | 365日ヘブライ語・アート・プロジェクトより




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Unexpectedly, I ended up in bed for most of the day yesterday. A totally ordinary gesture of getting out of the car sent a sharp pain to my lower left back, sharp enough to make me double over for a second. My initial reaction was, I don’t know what just happened but it will go away. It always does.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have never experienced a major injury in all my 34 years. Hardly any minor strains or discomforts even, despite being very active with dance and body movement classes since I was 16 or so. I thought I had never taken this for granted, but recently I seem to be reminded of just how lucky I have really been. Because lately, minor pains here and there have actually not gone away as quickly as they did in the past. They linger. They also pop up for no apparent reason. Is 34 some transitional age I should know about??

My left back had been hurting for the last few days, but I brushed it off like usual. But yesterday morning, it felt like all the pain accumulated and exploded at that moment. Every small move became painful and even walking was difficult. The same with getting up or sitting down for a long time. It finally occurred to me that maybe the pain wasn’t going away.

Up until now, I’ve only been stuck in bed from fevers or colds. What I realized yesterday is that it’s a totally different experience being stuck in bed solely for physical pain. My head is clear, giving me the illusion that I can do anything and everything like usual. But one small move reminded me that actually, I can’t. It somehow made me feel more vulnerable and frail.

Luckily what I suffered seemed to be a muscular pain, and a day later I am almost back to normal. Yesterday was also colder than usual and it was raining on and off. I sense that the weather also affected my symptoms. (Today was warmer and sunny.) Things like this make me marvel at the complexity of my body as well as its fragility, and realize the inevitable decay that is unavoidable with age. It was a reminder that I need to listen to the warnings of my body and take preventive measures, because the pains are no longer going away by themselves!

(I must add that I fell in love with Yuval all over again seeing how he took such good care of me! 🙂 )







Much Love,

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  1. miko permalink
    January 30, 2011 9:08 am

    今回のヘブライ語アートプロジェクトから痛みが伝わってきます…。痛そう。私は腰が痛くなる経験はまだしたことがないからどんな痛みかわからないな。 お大事にね。最近私もアローンからよく風邪をもらうんだけれど、いったん風邪をひくと長引いてしまって。治ったっころにはまたアローンが新しい風邪を保育園からもらってきて、私に移って、、、と永遠に連鎖が止まらない今年の冬を過ごしています。

    • January 30, 2011 7:54 pm


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