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85 (Green | 緑)

January 23, 2011
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Ever since I arrived in Israel late last May, Yuval kept on saying this to me time and again.
“When it gets cold and green in a few months, we’ll go hiking.”

And I never believed him.

Not the “We’ll go hiking” part.

The “When it gets cold and green” part.

It was very unconvincing when the highs hit 44 degrees Celsius (111 degrees Fahrenheit) in June, and the scenery couldn’t be farther away from my idea of “green”. More in the lines of “scorched”, “parched”, “dried out”, “fried”… I couldn’t imagine it turning green in the near future, not in a few months, a few years, ever.






Golan Heights in June 2010 | 2010年6月のゴラン高原

Parts of Golan Heights hit by mountain fire, June 2010 | ゴラン高原の山火事にあった部分

It didn’t help that winter arrived much later than usual this year. The rain didn’t fall and therefore the “green” that I kept on hearing about didn’t appear either.

“When it gets cold and green…” Yuval would start, only to be met with my icy, deadpan stare.

But then all of a sudden, the temperatures dropped. We had a few heavy rainstorms, some heavy enough to cause a few power outages. Who do I talk to about moderation in Israel?




Goland Heights January 2011 | ゴラン高原 2011年1月

Last weekend, we went on that long awaited hike. I got to see up close the “green” that’s been deepening and intensifying its color and shades every day.

I’m happy to say I am convinced now.


Golan Heights January 2011 | ゴラン高原 2011年1月

The shade of green here is not what I’m used to. It’s an alarming, shocking shade of green, bordering on fluorescent. It’s bright and loud. Or maybe my eyes are still adjusting to the sudden burst of color.


I have a thing for lonely trees. Maybe because I’m a bit of a lonely tree myself.

Moist Green | 湿った緑

Bathed in the soft January sunlight, everything was twinkling and shimmering. It all feels extra rewarding after the long summer we’ve been through. Next summer, I will know what awaits.


Much love,

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  1. miko permalink
    January 24, 2011 5:44 am

    季節があるってことは人間にとって励みになるよね。とくに厳しい地形にすんでいると特に。私の両親は秋田の豪雪地帯に住んでいて、毎日3回雪かきをしないと家から出られなくなるほどの雪が積もってしまい大変だけれど、毎年春の雪解けのころを楽しみにつらい冬を乗り切っているそう。 雪解けの時期には、ふきのとうが元気に芽を出して、山菜を採りに行ったり楽しみがたくさんあるんだって。

    • January 24, 2011 11:00 am


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