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81 (No more news | ニュースよ、さよなら)

January 9, 2011

Yuval likes to have the radio on basically all the time. I on the other hand, sometimes prefer silence. The good thing is, we have learned to compensate. (I’m enjoying my silence right now, actually.) Yuval’s favorite radio station, 88FM, has even grown on me. Aside from the regular programs during the week, on Friday nights they have a show that dedicates the whole hour to a specific genre, and I’ve really enjoyed it the few times we’ve caught it, one time African, another time Ladino music. I’ve also found myself occasionally hovering over the speakers to wait until they announce the name of the song and artist, feeling like I’m back in the 80’s (when there was no Google searching for music or artists). I’ve found a few good songs and artists through them, Israeli and otherwise.

I was shocked to hear that as of today 88FM will no longer broadcasts news, which used to be read at the top of the hour, every hour. Like a normal radio station, in my opinion. When Yuval heard of this a few weeks ago his reaction was, “Great!” He claims Israelis have had enough of news, with some stations broadcasting the news every half hour when necessary. Mostly news no one wants to hear, I imagine.

For me, the news have always been pretty essential, whether it was checking in with NHK in Japan or, when I gave up my TV, tuning in to the radio. There’s something about seeing or hearing the news live that doesn’t compare with the Internet, however quick it may be. Maybe the fact that I’ve worked in radio before, translating foreign news to Japanese for live broadcast, is making me a bit biased. But a major radio station without any news whatsoever? It’s something I can’t get my head around.




Much love,


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