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80 (Yael Naim | ヤエル・ナイム)

January 6, 2011

During a Pilates class the other day, one of the songs on my instructor’s mix CD caught my attention.
First of all, I was drawn to the female singer’s voice. I also realized I could understand what she was singing about… songs in English always comes as a little surprise in the midst of songs in Hebrew. And the song sounded slightly familiar.

Somewhere between stretches it hit me. It was a cover of “Toxic” by Britney Spears! But what a brilliant rendition it was… a soft ballad sung in a pure voice not digitized or over mixed, laid over a simple accompaniment. It was no wonder the original song was nearly unrecognizable. And yet it seemed to bring out all the great potential of the original pop song. (Although I must admit, there’s something about the original song that gets me too, in a guilty pleasure kind of way.)



Unlike many of the Hebrew songs I hear at the gym and like but have no idea how to search for on the Internet, this one, being in English, was an easy search. I learned that the artist is Yael Naim and according to her Wikipedia page she was born in Paris to Tunisian parents but moved to Israel at the age of 4 and even served in the army.

She actually rose to fame when her song “New Soul” was chosen for the advertising campaign for Macbook Air. Oh, that song! I never knew the singer had such ties with Israel.

I think I still prefer her cover of “Toxic” over “New Soul” though. She also has a few songs in Hebrew that are very beautiful that I sense will be on heavy rotation around here for a while.

普段ジムで流れている曲でいいなと思うものはヘブライ語で、まだネット検索ができるに至ってないのですが、今回は英語だしカバーということでとても簡単に検索できました。アーティストはYael Naim(ヤエル・ナイーム)という女性で、彼女のウィキペディアのページによるとチュニジア人の親の元にパリで生まれ4歳の時にイスラエルに移住、兵役歴もあるそう。

一躍有名になったきっかけはアップルの「MacBook Air」のテレビCMに彼女の曲「New Soul」が採用されたとのこと。ああ、あの曲ね!あの日本でも至る所で流れていた曲のアーティストがイスラエルと縁があったなんて。

でも私は個人的に彼女の「Toxic」のほうが「New Soul」より好きです。またヘブライ語で歌っているきれいな曲が数曲あるのですが、これらはしばらくヘビロテになる予感。

Much love,

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