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51 (Yom Kippur cont’d | ヨム・キプール 続き)

September 20, 2010

This year’s Yom Kippur ended up being far more memorable than we expected. We never thought it would involve a cat with a bladder blown up to the size of a tennis ball, or a birthday girl knocked out from pain killers.

Yom Kippur started from sundown, which was around 5:20pm this year, and ended an hour after sundown the day after, around 6:20pm. At approximately 6am, about midway of the 25 hours, I was awoken by a consistent cry, which I first thought was the baby of the couple whose house we were staying at. But once the baby herself started to cry, even in my sleep I understood the first cries were not the baby. Then it must be the… cat. I slipped back in and out of sleep for a few hours, wondering, wow, do they wake up to this every day?

The cat was more or less howling by the time Yuval and I woke up and joined everyone in the living room. The owners waited until 10am to call their vet, despite it being Yom Kippur. Their vet was actually from our kibbutz, and upon hearing the cat’s howls over the phone he told our friends to bring the cat over right away. He advised them to take alternative roads going through Arab villages to avoid possible rock throwing from fasting Jews.

Yuval decided to go along with the husband, his friend from childhood. While the two men went off with the cat, the four women that stayed back in the house had another issue to tackle: one of us woke up with a throbbing toothache. She didn’t have such luck with her dentist and had no choice but to rub some vodka in to her gums (the only “rubbing alcohol” in the house) and take the strongest pain killers available. This resulted in her waking up every 3 hours when the drugs wore off (and the pain came back), only to take another pill and be knocked out again. As if matters could get any worse, it was her birthday.

The men returned safely without any rocks being thrown at them. They reported that the cat was howling because his bladder had been blocked. The vet took an X-ray and showed them the poor cat’s bladder inflated to the size of a tennis ball. The cat is fine now, they said, but is required to stay at the vet for three days. If they hadn’t brought the cat in when they had, the vet told them he would have died.

Despite all these unimaginable events that took the focus away from Yom Kippur itself (although at the same time being made even more memorable because it all happened on Yom Kippur), some discussions had about the day when all humans and animals were still okay stuck with me. In particular, the girl that would wake up the next morning with a toothache had said that she likes the idea of Jews around the world being united in fasting and reflecting. It’s very powerful, she had said.

No doubt this would be one of the most unusual Yom Kippurs for a while.








Much love,

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  1. Jennifer permalink
    September 23, 2010 4:01 am

    What a day you had!
    Big bisous.

    • September 23, 2010 6:14 pm

      Yes, what a day! 🙂
      Bisous to you too ma belle xxx

  2. September 23, 2010 1:33 pm

    I hope the poor birthday girl is ok now. Did she need to have a root canal or a filling or something? Just when I got a handle on the intricacies of Yom Kippur, now it’s Sukkot and I have no idea what’s going on again 🙂 Nonetheless, chag sameach!

    • September 23, 2010 6:15 pm

      Not sure if it was a root canal… but I hope she’s okay now too!
      I’m feeling exactly the same… all these holidays all at once, it’s a bit too much isn’t it 🙂
      Chag sameach to you too!!


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