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46 (The City | 都会)

September 4, 2010

Being in Tel Aviv recently made me experience a bit of a cultural shock.

The last time I was in a city was when I left Tokyo for Israel, so that would be nearly 3 months ago. 3 months is not that long of a time, but I’m learning that a city can slip out of your system very quickly, despite however long it took you to get used to it.

I walked around in a bit of a daze for the first few hours in Tel Aviv, trying to take in everything at once.
The hip store window displays, the inviting cafes and restaurants.
The buildings, the graffiti, the posters for various shows and exhibitions,
music blasting from some rooftop party.
The hints of abundance of art and culture from the windows of people’s apartments.
The pulse of the city I felt with every step.
The feeling of having limitless things to do, to see.
The sense of endless possibilities if you seek them.

This visit made me think about the various cities I’ve lived in throughout my life. I remembered how it felt when I would leave the city for a weekend or even for just a few hours. Whether I was relieved to be away or not, most of the time it made me realize how so much was going on in the city. How incomparable it felt in terms of variety and being ahead in everything.

It was strange to be on the opposite side of all that this time.

I haven’t spent enough time in Tel Aviv to feel like I know it yet. But I could feel myself warming up to it in my limited time there.






Much love,

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