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42 (Hasidic Salesman | ハシディック派のセールスマン)

August 23, 2010

We took a trip to a nearby plant garden yesterday. A few weeks ago we moved within our kibbutz, and what better way to break in a new apartment than some natural green accents?

We left early to avoid the heat before it could fully release itself, but we sweated nonetheless as we made our way through rows of plants, herbs, trees, flowers. When our selections were made, one of the guys from the store put them in planters for us. Throughout the process he talked in what seemed to be a light conversation, as in rhythm to the nice easy flow of his work. I could only pick up words here and there, and after a while my mind drifted. I wandered back over to the plants, admiring the various colors, shapes, and smells.

Back in the car Yuval told me the man was a Hasidic.

“You mean the mystical ones? Of the Orthodox? The ones that like to dance and sing?” I asked.
Yuval nodded.

“But he wasn’t in the typical black and white Orthodox attire.” I said.
(He was wearing a store T-shirt with shorts.)

A few weeks ago I had seen a large tourist group of Hasidic boys walking towards their tour bus. I wouldn’t even have known they were Hasidic if Yuval hadn’t pointed them out to me. My eyes still have yet to be trained to see the difference between the many Orthodox sects.

“Yes, but he was wearing a kippah (a skullcap) and tzitzit (the strings or tassels dangling from his waist). Besides, you can tell by the way he talked.” Yuval explained.

In what I thought was “light conversation”, the man kept on saying that “You always need to be happy, you always need to be happy,” and went on to say that it is unfortunate that all the materialism in the world is making everyone obsess over materialistic things.

Now when I look at our new plants I will always think of the Hasidic man. I hope the plants are happy in their new home, at least.

* * *

The first photo is of a few leaves that fell off our new lemon geranium plant. I’ve only smelled geranium in aroma oils until now, and had never seen the plant itself. It’s nice to finally put a face to a smell.

I thought I saw a shiso plant in the garden and eagerly went to smell it, only to be disappointed. Oh, how I would love some fresh shiso right now, along with slices of sashimi or cold somen noodles.










* * *



Much love,

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      何かいいことがある印かも? :)

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    August 25, 2010 6:03 pm



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