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26 (Farewell World Cup 2010)

July 12, 2010

This World Cup will no doubt leave a strong impression on me for years to come, as it began just around the time I arrived here in Israel. Probably just as strong as when Japan co-hosted with South Korea two World Cups ago.

As I was heading towards the pub to watch the final Spain vs. Netherlands game yesterday, I found myself not really caring about the outcome or even for the game itself. No offense meant to Spain or Holland fans, but it made me realize the World Cup had initially ended for me when Japan was no longer in the competition, and faded out completely when there were no longer teams I was interested in or cared for. That would be when Uruguay lost to Holland. I really developed a fondness for Uruguay this World Cup because in my eyes they played wholesome football and never seemed to give up until the last minute. While big names like Argentina and Brazil appeared to fall apart at a certain point during their games of defeat, Uruguay always seemed to keep it together to the very end.

I never imagined I would watch a World Cup in its entirety accompanied by Hebrew commentary, but life is full of surprises and I will miss the commentator whose voice became very familiar but whose words I hardly managed to understand. Sunflower seeds will also bear the memories of this World Cup as they were the accompanying munchies here.

During the half time yesterday they replayed some of the best goals of this World Cup and when Brazil came on it made me a bit sad. The World Cup simply didn’t feel right to me without them, even more so with them leaving so early. When Brazil plays well, they look like they’re dancing to me and it’s such a pleasure to watch. The canary yellow of their uniform pretty much sums up what good Brazil football symbolizes to me – bright, splashy, joyful.

The blue samurais made me proud, however a cliche thing that may be to say. I still think Honda and Endo’s goals during the game against Denmark were some of the most beautiful goals of the entire tournament. Above all the teamwork that seemed to have gotten stronger with every match was the most inspiring thing.

I will also miss admiring the bright color combinations and sleek designs of team uniforms. Some of my favorites were the candy-striped socks of Paraguay, both of Germany’s white and black uniforms, Ghana’s red, green, and yellow, and Brazil’s canary yellow of course.

What a fun, exciting few weeks it has been. I guess I have to go back to reality now!








Much love,

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    July 14, 2010 8:51 am





    • July 15, 2010 12:22 am



      Kid Egoさんこそ、多忙の中観戦お疲れさまでした☆☆!

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