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16 (Forty four degrees)

June 22, 2010

Yesterday’s heat was so overpowering, so thick, so incredibly intense, that it shocked me in to a muted silence. It bore in to my lungs and pierced in to my eyes, my skin, my every pore. Breathing felt difficult. It seemed possible not only to fry an egg instantly on the pavement, but on my own skin. Yes. Me, a walking frying pan. It felt best not to talk about it and act like it never happened.

But this morning Yuval’s brother called to kindly let us know that the temperature hit a high of forty four degrees Celsius (111 degrees Fahrenheit) yesterday. Forty four degrees. But that’s the average for August, he went on to say. So don’t worry, that was a bit abnormal yesterday. But a good preview for August, ha ha!

Those numbers seemed to instantly materialize yesterday’s heat back to reality. I know there are much hotter places on the planet, but I’ve never experienced this kind of heat before. It looks like it’s not just cultural differences I’m going to have to adapt to here in Israel, but also this unfathomable heat. A body double, perhaps? Any volunteers?




Much love,


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