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June 2, 2010

A path in the kibbutz, Canon EOS Kiss Digital X

It was just a typical day in the kibbutz 2 days ago. Birds chirped, puppies chased kittens, lizards played hide-and-seek in the bushes, children giggled and cried, adults went about their day on their bicycles, kakamaikas, etc…

In the midst of all that typicalness, I learned about the Gaza aid ship raid through the internet. (It was also through the internet that I learned of the resignation of Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama today but that’s a whole different story…) But it was almost as if I was reading the news from Japan. It feels like one can easily forget about the rest of the world if they chose to, here in the kibbutz.

Of course I can say this now but there was a time when this area was not nearly as peaceful. There are bomb shelters to remind us, endless stories waiting to be told if you are ever inclined to listen.

Regarding the ship raid, Yuval and two of our neighbors all agreed this is one of the biggest mistakes the Israeli government has ever made. One of the neighbors added that it was unbelievable considering the ships were known about for a week prior.

Today I met a Japanese woman living in the area for nearly 15 years now, and she feared that this may become an excuse for another war.

And still, it is hard for me to grasp that all of this is happening relatively close by (much closer than if I were in Japan for sure) because, like 2 days ago, today is just another typical day in the kibbutz.







Much Love,

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